Virtual Masterclass Master Certification in Data Science, Cyber Security & Cyber Forensics

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  • Wednesday to Friday August 19 to 21, 2020
  • Virtual Masterclass
  • +91 98190 20274 / 97735 01525

Cyber security has become an important research and development area for academia, government, and industry in India. The advent of big data, social media and mobile technology growth and the coming of the internet of things (IoT) have led to new opportunities in cyber security and cyber forensic work. This beckons to ensure cyber security training at its highest level is the need of the hour.

Some of the top benefits of Data Science, Cyber Security & Forensics for businesses:

► Learn the threats and vulnerabilities in today's digital world.
►Understand tools & techniques used by adversaries to launch intrusions.
► Gain knowledge of the best practices for safe Internet transactions.
► Learn the techniques in network security.
► Learn the design techniques for security.
► Learn principles of computer forensics & biometric security
► Learn to identify Internet fraud & be secured.
► Understand the basics of Internet & network tools
► With computer forensics, a business is able to mitigate the risk of sampling. While an organization can always use external auditors or cyber forensics professionals, this is one benefit that it can gain using the on-board forensic team.
► The procedure enables the team to compare relevant data collected from different sources or symptoms. This comparison helps complete the big picture when investigating on a cybercrime case.
And Many More...


Information Security Officers, IT Professionals, Cyber Crime Attorneys, Private investigators, Chief Security Officers, CIO, CTO, CISO, IT Auditors, Chief Risk Officers, Technology Engineers, Personnel moving into management and IT security roles who wish to learn about latest trends in cyber security, information audit and risk management.

Masterclass Expertise

Rizwan Shaikh - Information Security Researcher and Cyber Crime Consultant, He has trained employees of some of the most prestigious companies like Accenture, Wipro, Capgemini, Trend Micro, TCS, HCL and many others. His area of expertise includes Vulnerability Assessment, Information Security Audits, Penetration Testing, Source Code Reviews, Computer Forensics, Ethical Hacking and Cyber Law.

Saurabh Ram - Forecast Expert, Working on sensitive and confidential government projects. Geographic and demographic crime pattern analysis for Crime mitigation strategies, implementing machine learning algorithm to predict crime using regression models.

Sankalp Mate – Cyber Security Analyst , Multicertified Expert in Enterprise Security Strategies, Infosec specialist whose qualifications include a degree in computer science; Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Forensics etc. and detailed knowledge of security tools, technologies and best practices. Having Keen interest in Network/Mobile Application/Web Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

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