Virtual Masterclass Data Protection with Privacy and Governance

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  • Thursday - Friday | August 26,27, 2021
  • Virtual Masterclass
  • +91 98190 20274 / 97735 01525

We see a global increase in the number of cyberattacks and in the number of data loss incidents associated with data breaches. With your data residing in more locations than ever, managing confidential or sensitive information can be a challenge. Yet, it is crucial for your information governance, privacy and cybersecurity programs.

Agenda of this Masterclass

► What is the law currently in force for protection of sensitive data of individuals?
► Who are covered under the ambit of the data protection laws and who are exempt?
► What is the difference between personal information and sensitive personal data?
► Concept of critical personal data as mentioned in the PDP Bill 2019.
► Personal Data Protection
► Key Factors of Data Privacy
► What is the importance of privacy policy and why is it necessary?
► Legal Implications of India's Data Protection & Privacy Bill
► What is the importance of privacy policy and why is it necessary?
► Whether written consent of employee/ individual required for collecting/ storing/ sharing of his/ her personal and sensitive data?
► What are the conditions for collection and use of sensitive data?
► Redefining Cybercrime & Data Storage
► Whether such sensitive data can be disclosed/ shared/ transferred to third parties?
► What is the penalty for non-compliance under the existing laws?
► A brief background on Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019
► How will the new bill affect the existing laws and privacy policy in place by business entities?
And Many More...


Personnel who work in IT Systems Management and Information Security, Persons involved in Legal & Compliance, L&D, Risk Management, Projects, HR, Admin Consultants and Procurement, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Managers, Business Analysts, Senior Managers, Risk and Audit Managers, Legal Advisors, Technical Managers, Business Change Professionals, Project Management Professionals, IT & ITES Industries and any other individual.

Masterclass Expertise

Rajarshi Chakrabarti - Senior Partner & Head – Mumbai, Kochhar & Co.

Sameena Jahangir - Partner & Head – Mumbai, Kochhar & Co.

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