Virtual Masterclass Work Life Balance & Time Management during Covid-19

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  • Saturday October 31, 2020
  • Virtual Masterclass
  • +91 98190 20274 / 97735 01525

Considering Over the coming decade it will be one of the most important issues that executives and human resource professionals will be expected to manage.
We are all grappling with new challenges and trying to create “normalcy” in our lives during this very uncertain time. This Master Class is about maintaining an appropriate equilibrium between professional and personal life.

Key Takeaways

► New tips and skills to better manage your time personally and professionally.
► Strategies to allocate your time more efficiently and effectively.
► Ways to create a productive and positive work environment.
► Skills to set yourself up to successfully work from home.
► Innovative Methods for Effective Time Usage.
► Develop personal plans and strategies to increase productivity
► How to apply Covey’s Urgency versus Importance matrix
► Develop habits and the right mind set to transform you into a terrific time manage
► Learn key strategies to stop procrastinating
► Use battle-tested prioritization hacks to manage your time and achieve work-life balance
► Understand the dynamics of the 80/20 rule and how to make it work for you
► Identify the major sources of work-life balance conflict.

Masterclass Expertise

Get results and grow your skills with this comprehensive Master Class. Sessions led by experts. VIDYA BORATE An accomplished training professional with a successful 11-year track record in training and development.
A Certified ICF Coach, NLP Trainer & Leadership Expert, Vidya’s life's mission is to "Empower People" and thus sees herself as a catalyst to enable individuals to Transform.

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