World AI & Analytics Summit & Awards

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  • FridayNovember 29, 2019
  • 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • The Orchid Hotel, 70-C, Nehru Road Near Mumbai Domestic Airport, Vile Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099
  • +91 98190 20274 / 97735 01525

In the last decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undergone a drastic change, from a science fiction dream to a day-to-day reality. AI is poised to disrupt out world. With intelligent machines enabling high-level cognitive processes like thinking, perceiving, learning, problem solving and decision making, coupled with advances in data collection and aggregation, analytics and computer processing power; AI presents opportunities to complement and supplement human intelligence and enrich the way people live and work.

AI is not a new phenomenon, with much of its theoretical and technological underpinning developed over the past 70 years by computer scientist such as Alan Turning, Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy. AI has already existed to some degree in many industries and governments. Now, thanks to virtually unlimited computing power and decreasing costs of data storage, we are on the cusp of the exponential age of AI as organisations learn to unlock the value trapped in vast volumes of data.

India, being the fastest growing economy with the second largest population in the world, has a significant stake in the AI revolution. The truly transformative nature of the technology, yet at a nascent stage of its adoption worldwide, provides India with an opportunity to define it’s own brand of AI leadership. While AI has the potential to provide large incremental value to a wide range of sectors, adoption till date has been driven primarily from a commercial perspective. Technology disruptions like AI are once-in-a generation phenomenon, and hence large-scale adoption strategies, especially national strategies, need to strike a balance between narrow definitions of financial impact and the greater good.

The programme content focuses on the key challenges faced by multiple sectors with the application of Data Analytics, AI and Machine learning. The key focus areas include –

  • Finding solutions for the lack of broad-based expertise in research and application of AI.
  • Recommendations on enabling data ecosystems – access to intelligent data.
  • iscussion on problems related to high resource cost and low awareness for adoption of AI.
  • Forthcoming major threats with regards Privacy and security.
  • Absence of collaborative approach to adoption and application of AI.
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